A better way

KeyBox was designed to offer a better alternative to using shared passwords in environments that are unsuitable for traditional password management solutions.

Instead of sharing passwords we share a common method of generating a password for a given device, called a KeyBox. This KeyBox is then securely shared to authorised devices allowing users to generate passwords on the fly using a common method, the same password, every time and for every user.

So now every device in your estate can have a different, secure password; hundreds, thousands, millions of them, and still share access with large groups of people. So if a user goes rogue they now don't have the keys to the city in their pocked, only a method to get them. Your shared keys can be altered at any time to change passwords or deauthorise users removing their ability to generate passwords from KeyBox.

Secure by design

KeyBox was designed around the principal of not storing any sensitive data like passwords, ever. In short, if it's not stored it can't be compromised.

Traditional password managers work by storing a list of passwords and then encrypting them to control access, in the unfortunate event that you do lose control of that list you not only give away your passwords but an asset list to boot. Fortunately that problem doesn't exist with KeyBox, as we generate passwords on the fly there simply is no list to steal.

Whatsmore each KeyBox is unique and can only be shared within your account, any account can be used to generate passwords for the same device or site but they won't be the same as yours.

Multiple access levels

Multiple keys can be created to generate different passwords for the same site reference, meaning you can have multiple levels of access for different user groups. The process is completely transparent at the device level so your users do not have to be aware that their credentials differ.